Tile3 Review

Tile3 Screenshot

Author: Unknown
Genre: RPG Walking Demo
Reviewer: Pete
Size: 72 KB
Download: tile3.exe

First Impression No...Please...Not another one! It's an RPG walking demo! NO!!! This one has some of the worst graphics I have ever seen, and is one of the worst games I have ever played. This is just plain crap.
What It's Like Up, down, left, right make you move a little stick figure around a map of a bunch of other really crappy sprites. Don't even bother with this file. It's not worth the download.
Other things you should know Waddya know? This program comes compiled! Therefore, it got rid of the only thing going for it - the fact that people can take a look at the code, and maybe, just maybe, might be able to learn from the it. It comes compiled, as if it had some code to hide or something.

The rating
Graphics These tiles have the n!Media extension - .mdt, and are absolutely the worst tiles I have ever seen. If they were made with text (ie: PSET (1,1),5 | PSET (1,2),8 | PSET (1,3),6), they would have an excuse, but a drunken chimp doing a handstand with a brush in between his toes could draw a better sprite than these.
Sound No sound. Not even a beep.
Flexibility/Features Hmm... Let's see... Up, down, left, right... Uh... For god's sake, there isn't even a key to quit! You have to CTRL+ALT+DEL to exit! Nasty!
Gameplay/Control Up, down, left, and right. That's it.
Overall Impression I don't want to discourage all of you aspiring programmers out there, but why the hell do you submit this crap? Try again next time. Maybe if you hire a drunken ape to do art for you and a blind, gay rabid wolverine with AIDS to do the programming for you, you can do a better job. Try again next time.
4/20 * 5 =