Umbra Software Pixel Scroller Review

Umbra Software Pixel Scroller Screenshot

Author: Umbra Software
Genre: Engine
Reviewer: Pete
Size: 2 KB

Umbra Software Pixel Scroller
First Impression Aarghh! This is so sucks! Wait a second... is that pixel by pixel scrolling?!? This program rules!
What It's Like Use the numerical keypad to scroll around in a pixel scrolling box. It is very slow, but it works.
Other things you should know This program is easy to understand, and teaches you how to make a pixel*pixel scrolling engine, telling you the exact math and order to do things in. Read the code, you can learn a lot!

The rating
Graphics Okay, I'll admit that the graphics in this suck, but they use pixel by pixel scrolling and that's part of the graphics. They go from a one star to a...
Program Simple. If you know how to POKE and PEEK, then you are advanced enough to understand this program. It is layed out nicely and works (slowly.)
Flexibility/Features You can edit this engine in many ways to fit your needs. I would suggest using a library with it to gain speed, but it is easy to understand this way, and you can do that yourself. Experiment with it!
Code Pretty simple, no variables or lines wasted on insignificant stuff for maximum speed and efficiency, and organized very well. It is not flickery, but is slow. The pixels are resetted, but not cleared.
Overall Impression Unbelievably slow, yet a great learning tool. Read the code, it's pretty simple, yet thoroughly commented and very organized! Very nice!
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