Xeno Review

Xeno Screenshot

Author: MA*SNART
Genre: Engine
Reviewer: Pete
Size: 160 KB
Download: xeno.zip

Xeno Engine v1.0
First Impression When you first run Xeno, you're just utterly amazed. It's a 3D engine in QBASIC! Extremely cool! When I first saw it, I didn't believe it was written in QBASIC!
What It's Like In Xeno, you are a little green frog that jumps around on a floating island. It is not a game, just a demonsration of this may I say "revolutionary" engine. You use arrow keys to move (jump around) on this island, which is completely 3D (not faked). There is a circulating background of mountains, textures (including moving water!), limitations to movement (you can't jump on big rocks or in water), and many other awesome features. You can also change the camera distance from the little frog with the + and - keys. When I first ran it, I jumped around on the little floating island for twenty minutes-straight!
Other things you should know There is also another .exe file that has a cool gradient, palette rotation affect with mountains and stuff. This is very cool, but not as impressive as Xeno. The source to Xeno is included, along with a few DirectQB files, and a .txt file.

The rating
Graphics Wow. You can't expect me not to give Xeno a perfect score on this. It's graphics are awesome, the frog looks like a frog, the ground looks like ground, rock like rock, water like water. You can understand the dimensions and distance of land elements on the island, and the graphics are just plain perfect!
Program Aaaahhh... A very good program! It's got awesome routines and very complicated stuff that most people don't understand. (I don't understand it!) The only down side is that MA SNART used DirectQB to give him the speed to have his program run. Since it's all not his programming, I can't give him a 5/5, but he gets 4 stars for his program.
Usability This might be hard to incorporate into your program, but if you really understand the code, you shouldn't have much trouble using the engine. Since it uses DirectQB, you shouldn't use other engines with it, but you can. (It has been done.) If you understand what each letter of code does in this program, you'll have no time learning how to use it.
Sound No sound.
Overall Impression As I said before, this is perfect! It doesn't get much better than this. This might set the new standard for QBASIC engines!
19/20 * 5 =