Darofire Review

Darofire Screenshot

Author: Darokin
Genre: Graphics Demo
Reviewer: Pete
Size: 27 KB
Download: darofire.zip

First Impression Wow, this is kind of slow and flickery. The fire looks a little bad. The text looks okay, though!
What It's Like There are two words, plus a lot of fire on the bottom. On the top is a gray gradiated bar with a nice message being shown telling about the program.
Other things you should know Nothing really. The flames look a little fake because there are only three colors for fire.

The rating
Graphics Not that nice. The flames move and the gradiated bar is okay, but not the best. The text is okay too, but shouldn't ne completely different colors, but shades of the same.
Sound No Sound.
Flexibility/Features No flexibility or features that I can see because it comes in an .exe! The features are the flames, I guess.
Usefulness/Program I can't see the program, so I can't determine this.
Overall Impression Flickery, slow, no source and not very original. Oh well. :(
13/20 * 5 =