Darokin Scroller Review

Darokin Screenshot

Author: Darokin
Genre: Graphics Example
Reviewer: Pete
Size: 2 KB
Download: darokin.zip

Darokin Scroller
First Impression Look at the pretty stars and the name flying around! Cool. :)
What It's Like This program has a three layer starfield in the background with 'Darokin' floating around on the top, and a red ball bouncing back and forth in front of the stars. Neato!
Other things you should know Uh... This is very simple. Learn from it! The starfields are done very well!

The rating
Graphics Simple graphics. A red ball, and a bunch of white and gray pixels. It also has the word 'Darokin' floating around. The starfields are done excellently and smoothly, so this program deserves a...
Sound No Sound.
Flexibility/Features This is easy to learn from if you want to. Edit it, it can take it. You can also learn a little about individual particle movement, and change the features! Nothing special, though other than it's flexibility.
Usefulness/Program Fine and simple. The program is layed out in good logical order. The starfield routine is pretty good for a newbie!
Overall Impression Good program layout and algorithm for a newbie! Easy to learn from!
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