Move!! Review

Move!! Screenshot

Author: Rizzler
Genre: Graphics Demo
Reviewer: Pete
Size: 5 KB

First Impression Some things in this world are demented. There's no getting around it. This is one of those things. The first thing you see when you run this program (other than the name of it and the programmer) are the words "Click where you want the shaggy monster to go!" This got me interested...
What It's Like This is a simple graphics example that demonstrates how to use a mouse, how to animate an image, and how to have an image follow a pixel perfect line without drawing it (pathfinding). Basically, there is a 'shaggy monster' that looks kind of like those things in Friday the 13th for NES (if anyone's ever played that, which I bet you haven't.) Well, anyways, you click any place on the screen where you want the monster to go to, and it leaves a little yellow dot there for you. Then the 'shaggy monster' walks like an injured zombie over to the dot in a straight line and stops. Wow!!! Sounds pretty stupid, right? Well, I found this to be one of the most enjoyable programs I've seen in a while, just because it's so damn stupid. :)
Other things you should know The mouse routines were taken from a QB book by the Wrox Press. Also, the screenshot has been edited. I got rid of the 'blank space', but didn't make the image smaller, so you're looking at the shaggy monster in full size, and the mouse in full size ant the text in full size and the yellow dot in full size. Finally, you really should know that shaggy monsters are REALLY COOL!

The rating
Graphics Maybe I'm over-expressing my love for this shaggy creep in this game, but I think that he's a pretty cool shaggy creep. Name one shaggy creep that you've seen that looks better than this shaggy creep! Hmm... I'll have to ask The Rizzler if the shaggy monster wants to dance in the QB Dance... I'm sure he wouldn't mind. :)
Sound No sound.
Input/Control Simply great. When you run the program, you see a little instruction/title thing type thing with a nice little blinkety randomly colored 'press any key to continue'. You press any key to continue, and then your mousing hand gets to instruct the world's coolest shaggy monster on where to go! You right click somewhere to set a yellow dot for him to travel to, and right click to tell him to stop. You can press escape to exit (like you'd ever want to).
Flexibility/Features There really isn't anything extra to do. I admit, the shaggy monster was a nice feature, and so was the mouse support, but that's not enough to get a good score here. He gets the average three stars, despite the fact that this is low in the flexiblilty category and only average or so in the features section.
Overall Impression Shaggy monsters are cool, and so is this program! Don't argue with me here! As soon as I finish this review, I'm going to find The Rizzler's email address and ask him if the shaggy monster would like to dance in the QB Dance. This program is pretty pointless, but it has a cool character in it, and it has some useful source if you're interested in mouse routines, animation, pathfinding - heck, even color rotation in text. This should be checked out. You've read this much, and if you don't get it, the shaggy monster might come out to get you!!!
16/20 * 5 =