Picture to Text Review

Picture to Text Screenshot
Since this is a text drawing and
in small screenshot, you can't see text,
there's a text file here with the
image in text form. The image shape is a bit
distorted, though.

Author: James Robert Osborne
Genre: Graphics Example
Reviewer: Pete
Size: 26 KB
Download: pic2text.zip

Picture to Text
First Impression What? Hackman 2? Oh, I see, it turns the picture in to text. This is pretty cool!
What It's Like The Hackman 2 title page shows up, you press a key, it's turned in to text. Press any key to continue. That's it.
Other things you should know Source is included. This is a pretty simple program (not complete newbie material, mind you). If you are an intermediate QBASIC programmer, you can see a lot of really good programming concepts in this program.

The rating
Graphics The title to Hackman 2, which is excellent, plus you get to see it made out of ascii characters. Very nice!
Sound No Sound.
Flexibility/Features A major downfall... the only way to change the way this program works is to change the code itself. Some easy changes are to change the letters and colors of them that are put on the screen when it is changed to text, and to load another image. Some images work better than others with this program. (I loaded a couple others.)
Usefulness/Program I'm not sure where you could use this program in a game, unless you were to make some sort of special effect for an RPG or something. (It would be cool to have a magic in an RPG called "ASCII" that changes the enemy to ascii characters. :) The program is well organized and works very well. You won't need a lot of help to get what the code's doing (unless you don't know what PRINT means yet.)
Overall Impression The program is not too complicated or too tough to understand, but the concepts to change the image to text is excellent! The way this program works is simple, yet complex at the same time. I think this was made to answer a CodeX for NeoZones, but I may be mistaken. Excellent job on this program!
17/20 * 5 =