Star System Review

Star System Screenshot

Author: Venom Enterprises
Genre: Graphics Demo
Reviewer: Pete
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Star System
First Impression Wow, this takes a while to load... Wonder why... Aaahhh! A sun with some flickery specks around! Not too impressive. What do you do in this? I'll press a key. Oh no! Three stars disappeared! Uh oh... the moon just shrunk!
What It's Like You see a night sky with blinky stars and a nice moon. Press a key and some stars disappear, the others stop blinking and the moon "shrinks". Press and key to continue.
Other things you should know You can learn from this. If you do not know how to use PALETTE, look at the source. It's an excellent example.

The rating
Graphics Very simple graphics, but they're pretty cool! The stars blink, the moon has a pretty cool gradiated-effect, and when you press a key, the moon shrinks and "blows up".
Program Very simple. Effective. Slow. Works, easy to learn from. Not organized very well, but it's okay.
Flexibility/Features If you want to edit this program, go head. You could probably increase the speed 3x faster if you change a couple things around and there.
Code Simple and effective, but slow. Edit it if you want.
Overall Impression Not that complex, slow to load, kinda boring. It's okay, I guess...
15/25 * 4 =