Water Review

Water Screenshot

Author: Hydroxide
Genre: Graphics Demo
Reviewer: Pete
Size: 112 KB
Download: water.zip

First Impression I don't know what I thought about this. "Cool! It looks a little like water!", but also "It's so slow! I thought gravity on earth was 9.8 meters per second!" It's speed varies, though.
What It's Like Many blue pixels fall down into a V-shaped funnel and keep on going until they disappear off the bottom of the screen. There are many options to choose from, including printing frames per second or not, number of particles, resolution (screen 12 or 13), and the distance that they can move left or right of the center. The more complex you have it, the slower it goes. This is an excellent example of individual particle handling.
Other things you should know This is easy to learn from, demonstrating how to use TYPEs and individual particle movement. It also uses a screen 12 graphics library, so it would be easy to incorporate into your program in screen 13, but hard in screen 12.

The rating
Graphics Not the best graphics. They're supposed to demonstrate individual particle handling, which it does, and look like water. The water is only one color, so it's not completely convincing, but it looks okay. There should be more colors for water, but it's okay.
Program Pretty simple, except for the fact that it uses a SVGA library. You can learn from it, though, since it's not too hard to understand.
Flexibility/Features Lots of flexibility and features! When you run it, you get to specify almost every aspect of the demo. This is a very good part of this demo!
Code Hey, it's fine. It works, you can learn from it. The only downside is that it uses librarys, so if you want to use it in your program with libraries, you'll have to edit, and make it more slowly due to lack of libs.
Overall Impression Not that complex, looks a little bit like water...what the heck, I'll give it four stars.
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