PebbleDash Clone

Intro screen menu to PebbleDash

Author: Lutasarts
Genre: Puzzle Game
Reviewer: WisdomDude
Size: 62.3 KB

PebbleDash Clone
First Impression I got it from my mailbox, and I had fun playing this! I thought this was going to be bad, but it really isn't. The game is a bit too easy, I was able to beat it within ten minutes, but I'm looking forward to more harder levels, if there's another version of this coming out.
What It's Like You're a guy moving tile by tile movement, and this game reminds me of Roden't Revenge for Windows. You dig up dirt, and you avoid getting under rocks, and collect jems, and avoid the three enemies I've seen it. Honestly, there's not much to do in a game, when you can beat it within a lunch break. :(
Other things you should know This is the same author that made Cyberion, so if you want to check out his games, ask him at Pete's QBoard. I think you need to perserve sub-directories no matter what the game is. If you're really bored, and want something to do, download this game.

First level of PebbleDash

The rating
Graphics This game doesn't have the best graphics, but they are better than graphics that use primitive drawing features. Some animation, and pixel by pixel movement would make the graphics more alive, but the graphics aren't bad either.
Sound There is no sound.
Flexibility/Features You get to choose up to five games at the beginning, and choose levels, but that's all you can do. :(
Gameplay/Control I notice a few jerky movements, when I tried to move really fast to avoid rocks, but the game itself is stil ok. The part I like about beating the game, is I won! The replay value can be addicting, but it takes getting used to the jerky movements of the character. :(
Overall Impression This is a great game with things like enemy AI, multiple stages, no flickering graphics, a good menu design, and a cool game! It is also very original and simple and fun. The game itself can be improved a lot, with nicer graphics, more stages, and more animation, but it's a fun game, if you're bored. :)
13/20 * 5 =

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