UnderWARE Labs' Christmas Card, 1999

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Author: UnderWARE Labs
Genre: Misc.
Reviewer: Pete
Size: 170 KB
Download: christmas.zip

UnderWARE Labs Christmas Card, 1999
First Impression It's Christmas day, 1999, 9:50 PM, and I've had a long (and nice) day. :) Yesterday, in the news, I said I'd review the only Christmas program submitted to the site .. ever. This program really isn't much good outside of Christmas. :) Anyways, here's the review.
What It's Like This is a lot like those electronic greeting cards from EGreetings or eCards. It's a great little program, and the only Christmas Qb program I've seen except for the Dark Elf Productions Christmas Dentro from 1998. What happens is, after a nice looking loading screen and introduction in pretty Christmas colors shows up, you are sent to a picture of a Christmas tree in a gazebo in a small, snow-covered town. Snow falls down, while in the background just about every Christmas song ever written plays, by way of the PC speaker.
Other things you should know Not that I can think of... The screenshots are big, because any way that I tried to shrink them, they looked bad. :)

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The rating
Graphics This program is in a higher resolution screen and in sixteen colors. (I'm assuming screen 12.) The picture is very good for only sixteen colors, and the snow falling looks really good. :) Snow flakes that are 'farther away' move slower than 'closer' ones. The title screen and the menu look very nice. Nice job here!
Sound Simple, PC speaker music. The sound quality is naturally horribly, but the way the music plays in the background while the snow falls and the menu is displayed is great! Also, there are tons and tons and tons of Christmas songs here. The sheer number boosts the score a lot! A few of the songs sound a bit of key, but I guess that's what happens when you turn full orchestrated songs into simple PLAY statement sounds. :)
Gameplay/Control When you move your mouse, a neat little pop up menu pops up. Click on the option you want. I'm not sure if this should be called gameplay/control, but whatever it is, it's good enough. :)
Flexibility/Features Features and flexiblity, eh? Hmmmm.... The menu wasn't really needed, and the options in it are pretty cool (even though they are kinda .. sparse) Anyways, I didn't really see many features and flexiblity here, but it's a freakin' Christmas card, people!
Overall Impression It's Christmas, and I'm feeling kinda giving. I'm also impressed that UnderWare Labs was cool enough to make this Christmas card for all the little QB programmers out there. :) Merry Christmas, UWLabs!
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