KaPong Review

KaPong Screenshot

Author: Greg Santo
Genre: Pong Clone
Reviewer: BattleCraft99
Size: 42 KB
Download: kapong.zip

First Impression Hmmm...another pong game. [yawn] Well..maybe it'll be cool... Nope, not cool. This game is sooooo slow. And nothing there's nothing special about it at all.
What It's Like Okay first player uses up and down arrow keys and second player uses 8 and 2 to move up and down. You each get this big ol' paddle and a little bomb bounces around the screen.
Other things you should know This game is a complete waste of time. The author could've done something nice with it and put some original features into the game but he didn't..just boring old pong with a bomb for a ball.

The rating
Graphics Suckity Suck Suck Suck...All he did was draw some lines and circles. The layout and all really don't look all that bad but they're nothing special by any means. Now I know I ain't that good with graphics either but c'mon...there's a bomb in the game but he don't even make one single explosion so what's the point?!
Sound Sound: Just one..[beep] Kinda reminds ya of the old pong, huh? Just as stupid.. I saw this game and thought it'd be real cool to have some explosions when ya lost or something but nothing..no sound or graphic or anything like I mentioned before so needless to say a big disappointment there..
Flexibility/Features There are some good features in this game that are quite suitable for it put a lil messed up. For instance the game says speed 6 is fastest and speed 1 is slower but speed 6 reminded me of a slug squirming up the street wit a stick up it's butt. And speed 1 is like a cheetah flying through the trees. And the paddle speed was slow no matter what.
Gameplay/Control Crappity Crap Crap Crap... Simple enough controls, up and down arrows for player 1 and 8 and 2 for player 2...but sometimes they don't work!!! I'll hold the button or tap it a bunch of times and the cursor won't move. The ball is either waaaay to slow..like bounce it, go grab a coke and piece of cake, watch the titanic a couple times, then come back to hit it back again. And no matter what it hits off the paddle on the same angle and at the same speed. Except for when it was on speed 1 then it just like chose a random speed and went flying across the screen.
Overall Impression Ya know I hate to be so negative about this game but I just can't help it...this game could've been so cool but it's not. It's even worse then the original pong and we all know how boring that was. bounce...bounce...bounce...lose. This game looks to me like a newbie just praciticing some codes and tryin to learn graphics. Granted my games ain't much better but still this game is not even worth playing. Greg, I suggest you work on the game a bit more and maybe do something cool when you win and when someone misses the ball and maybe actually have the game work better then resubmit it.
12/25 * 4 =