Review Screenshot

Author: Peter Swinkels
Genre: Misc
Reviewer: Matt Borkowski
Size: 133 KB
First Impression I just finished downloading the file. I unzip the files. I run it. The menu looks professinal. The help file looks great. All the settings I can alter. Looks nice, can't wait to run it.
What It's Like Well, ever heard of ASCII space-shooter. I hadn't and if you haven't either, get ready to see one.
Other things you should know Run the settings EXE file first and then instead of SPACE.EXE run space.bas. It works better this way.

The rating
Graphics You could call them graphics even though they are just ASCII characters. He did do a pretty good job on the menus and a semi-scrolling background. But then it just goes downhill from there. The ships are all the same except for a color here and there. But it could have been worse.
Gameplay/Control A major disappiontment. The backgrounds scrolling differs in speed even when you aren't moving at different speeds. The controls sometimes don't respond. Even when they do they seem to go in different directions. Also there is no way of slowing down or stopping. The graphics sometimes stop, then speed up, then slow down and so forth. Firing laser isn't any better. They don't go in the right direction. I said before, 'It could have been worse'. Well, it got worse
Plot/Story None. There is no storyline. There is no point to mindlessly shooting the other people (aliens or whatever). I mean, it isn't that hard to write a story. This is the first part of a review to get no stars.
Sound As any gameplayer would (or should) know, some awesome sound could really make up for horrible stories, blocky graphics, and poor gameplay. Of course there is no sound. None what so ever. Again, another no STAR
Overall Impression The large amount of options might seem nice, except for, they don't really matter because of the poor gameplay. I ran and played it for one minute, then quit. I suggest you shouldn't even bother wasn't space for this game.
3/4 of a star
"3/4 of a star. Or .75 stars"

Editor's note: I didn't really understand the ratings that Matt gave as the final rating, and the ratings were a bit low through the whole review. Anyways, if you understand the ratings, that's good, and if you don't, use the text to judge whether or not to get the game.