'Stupid' Review

'Stupid' Screenshot

Author: Venom Enterprises
Genre: Graphics Demo
Reviewer: Pete
Size: 1 KB
Download: stupid.zip

First Impression Funfunsillywilly! A little guy in a box that you can move! Neato!
What It's Like You are a badly-drawn character in a green box. You can go back and forth using the 4 and 6 on the numerical keypad. Not much else.
Other things you should know If you go back and forth too many times, the program runs out of stack space. Other than that, there isn't anything else to know.

The rating
Graphics You can tell what everything is without thinking twice, but they're unbelievably sucky!
Program Very, Very simple. It runs out of stack space in a few seconds, and it's very flickery, so the program is not that great.
Flexibility/Features Edit this program all you want! I changed it in a few seconds so that it doesn't run out of stack space, you can do the same and do many other strange and wonderful things to this program!
Code Simple, easy to understand, not organized that well, but hey, it is a QBASIC program.
Overall Impression Funny for a few seconds, but it's bad parts stick out like a sore thumb. Just about anybody could make this program in a few minutes, but ViperStrike beat us to it. :)
12/25 * 4 =