Zemmory Review


Author: BattleCraft99
Genre: Memory Clone
Reviewer: Bud The Fish
Size: 11 KB
Download: zemmory.zip

First Impression Great ... a memory clone. Wait a second. This isn't that bad.
What It's Like It's a classic Memory clone. You have so many turns to try to get all the matches. You can adjust the level of play from Normal to Hard.
Other things you should know Uhhh ... try to find matches, and do it before you run out of turns.

The rating
Graphics There is a lot of text. Other then that there is a few boxes and a some neat color rotating effects. It doesn't grab your attention like some games, but if you like memory, it will work.
Sound Just beeps. I find them annoying, but you can turn them off.
Gameplay/Control The control is simple enough. You have to flip the "card" and find the matching symbols. The keyboard works great, and it's perfect for this program.
Gameplay/Features Not a WHOLE lot of flexibility. You can adjust the difficulty, how many turns you get, and whether or not to have sound. I'm not really sure what else you would have in a Memory clone.
Overall Impression Overall Impression: I don't really like the game Memory. It drives me nuts, but this one is perfect for people good with mind games. It very challenging with few turns, and hard difficulty. So get it if you like these kind of games. It has good gameplay, options, and a few neat graphical effects.
15/25 * 4 =