ARC RPG Review

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Author: Mark Hall
Genre: RPG
Reviewer: Pete
Size: 81 KB

First Impression Finally, after hoards and hoards of demos, the final game is released! This game was submitted by it's writer (Mark Hall), and was put on the file reviews waiting list for a LONG time. (Sorry about that, Mark!) Finally, I have time to review it! Your first impression with this game is that it is a standard RPG. Well, that's exactly what it is, but it's better than many QB RPGs, especially since this one was finished.
What It's Like This is a primitive looking QBASIC RPG. It really reminds me of the NES Final Fantasy games. (Not the SNES/Game Boy/Other system ones, even though they are very similar.) I have beaten the first Final Fantasy game (Final Fantasy :) completely, and I must say that it is one of the best RPGs I've ever played. It's got a good story, and is primitive, yet very fun and entertaining. That is what this RPG is like. It is simple, but is a great game. Great graphics, sound and features don't necessarily make a game good. It's the gameplay that is the key.
Other things you should know This RPG has a strong story, good graphics, no sound :(, average gameplay, and a couple other things that make it good and bad. I think that the regular Screen 13 font is over-used, especially since JFont comes in this package. Also, the character's sprite should have like, two frame animation at least, instead of moving like a block. The maps are stereotypically designed, but they work with the story. Also, the water updates when you move, but should update on a regular basis, not just when you move. Other than that, I can't think of anything (except for the lack of sound) that I didn't like. This is a good game that I intend to complete in the future. (I very rarely try to complete a QB RPG, because most of the time they suck.)

ARC RPG ScreenshotARC RPG Screenshot

The rating
Graphics I must say that graphics are one of this game's good points. The characters are veery detailed and nice looking, and the landscape graphics are anywhere from average to good. Take a look at detail in the characters in the second screenshot! The one next to it shows a few of the weak spots in the graphics, but they aren't too weak. They are not bad by any means!
Sound Aww...crap! No sound!
Plot/Story Earth as we know it is destroyed in a huge nuclear meltdown, and almost every living organism dies. A few humans manage to survive, but all modern technology is lost, and people return to a medieval lifestyle. Four great fighters and archeologists are appointed by the king to investigate a mine outside of the kingdom on which you live, and then a a surprisingly good game really begins. This is the high point of the game -- don't miss it!
Gameplay/Control This uses menuing systems and standard RPG game control. The gameplay is excellent. This is a very fun game, with a great plot! This also looks and acts a lot like Final Fantasy games for the NES. (For example, the converstions remind of the original Final Fantasy games, not like the more modern ones, and the battle engine is very similar.) If this RPG was more unique, it would be very cool! Pokémon is a good RPG, but it's uniqueness and...well...cuteness made people of all ages like it. This RPG doesn't have as much uniqueness in how the game works, but it does have a great story!
Overall Impression Imagine -- a finished QBASIC RPG with a good story, good graphics and a good engine! There are only one or two of these that I can think of, but this RPG will soon join that very small group! I will finish this game, just because I have really gotten in to it! I've already played it for over an hour, and have really enjoyed it so far. This game is definitely worth the download!

ARC RPG Screenshot