Fatal Visions Review

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Author: ChmpneNova
Genre: RPG
Reviewer: Pete
Size: 93 KB
Download: fvisions.zip

Fatal Visions
First Impression This game was made in 1996. It's virtually unheard of, and was made at the dawn of the online QB generation. When I first ran this program, I was very impressed! It had great graphics, and you could tell that the author put a lot of time in to it. It has a 5 - 10 minute cut scene at the beginning (depending on how fast you read), and it also has a great story. This game is great! It's one of the top QB RPGs ever!
What It's Like You know RPGs. This has an especially good story line for an amateur RPG, with very good graphics and stuff for a QB RPG. There's an average battle system, with good graphics, and also an extremely nice store menu. I wholeheartedly suggest that you get this game!
Other things you should know This game looks complicated, but the code is simple! There's no really complicated code in this, but it makes a great game! This doesn't need things like librarys and special fading routines and stuff to be a good game. The only annoying part that I've found is that you MUST follow the exact instructions found in one of the readme files when you unzip this program. It's kind of...well... dumb. The program isn't, though. :) One more thing -- this is one of the few QB RPGs that has tile*screen scrolling. Kewl.

Fatal Visions ScreenshotFatal Visions Screenshot

The rating
Graphics The graphics in this game are top notch. The characters and graphics look good, and the cut scenes look great! The graphics are a mix between animé and American artwork, which makes a good combination. There is good shading on this game too. The graphics kind of reminded me of SNES graphics because of the way they were shaded. These are almost perfect, and good enough to get a perfect score!
Sound There is no sound in this game.
Plot/Story This is cool. You're a descendant of a half human - half vampire, and you must save...well... I won't spoil the story for you. It's good, though, and hs a very nice cut scenes in between the action of the game to explain the story. It really keeps you at the edge of your seat waiting for more! This program is worth the download, just for the cut scene.
Gameplay/Control Not bad, not bad. There are only six keys you will use in this game, and four of them are arrow keys. Space selects from menus, and escape cancels or 'goes back'. THe only rant I have is that you need to use the numerical keypad with Num Lock on. This isn't that bad, but it's annoying, because I'm used to using the regular arrow keys. Also, the escape menu backup thing doesn't always work right. It's pretty good, though.
Overall Impression This is a great RPG, but it was overlooked. The creator has disappeared, and it will never be completely finished, but it's fun while it lasts. It's really creative, and the graphics are nice and detailed. The battle engine and store engines are nice, and the walking engine is okay. I really like this game, though. Download it, it's worth it!
19/20 * 5 =

Fatal Visions Screenshot