The Legend of Lith II Review

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Author: DarkDread
Genre: RPG
Reviewer: Pete
Size: 84 KB

The Legend of Lith II
First Impression The first thing I thought when I saw this was "wow!". I thought it was a real 3D engine. I soon found out, too my horror, that it was just a regular RPG with a faked 3D maze effect. Oh well. It's an okay game....for a while...
What It's Like It's an RPG (you know what you do in those). You are in a labyrinth, walking around, fighting random battles, and getting experience. It's standard RPG fare. The only difference is that it's a faked 3D view instead of a tile engine view like most QBRPGs. Try it. You might just like it.
Other things you should know This is one of QB's classics. It's a DarkDread RPG, which makes good to begin with. If it bears the DarkDread name, it rocks your world. Kewl. This is a very good program that you should get. I'm rambling on and on, so I'll stop now.

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The rating
Graphics Top notch QB graphics. They look like your standard NES/SNES graphics. All of the graphics are presaved, and the engine just calls the dungeon pic for what the room ahead of you looks like, but it does make a very nice game. DarkDread knows RPGs, and this one of his best.
Sound There is no sound in this game.
Plot/Story This is this RPG's major downfall. DarkDread let us down on the story, and made us drool over the engine and graphics. :P The story is not very clear, and I haven't gotten very far, because of the lack of suspense. Pretty soon, you don't know what your goal is. You're just wandering through a dungeon. The story's few parts are good, and well written, but everyone would like more of it!
Gameplay/Control Simple, menu driven controls. You'll never get lost in these. They're simple to use. Just press the key to select what you want from the menus that you use to move, use items, battle, etc. It's been used before and will be used again. If this method of menus doesn't work, why would so many people use it?
Overall Impression It's another DarkDread masterpice. Download it. Now.
17/20 * 5 =

Lith II Screenshot