Mini RPG 2 Review

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Author: Jaws-V-Soft
Genre: RPG
Reviewer: Pete
Size: 88.1 KB

Mini RPG 2
First Impression I've already reviewed Mini RPG 3...Better review it's prequel. This one is very similar to Mini RPG 3, with a few differences in graphics and battle engine, and with a different story, with different mini movies and dialogue. It's a great improvement over the original Mini RPG.
What It's Like It's an RPG, but with it's own really neat "style". There's an excellent story, and the just about the nicest graphics I've ever seen in a QBASIC program (except Mini RPG 3). The battle engine is amazing, and so is the scrolling engine. The only major flaw is that it takes up only a small part of the screen. (I think that does add some character to it, though.) The story is very good also! This is a great achievement.
Other things you should know This is almost the same as Mini RPG 3 with very few differences. Mini RPG 3 is a bit of an improvement, but this is still one of the most excellent QBASIC programs ever made!

Mini RPG 2 Screenshot

The rating
Graphics Good, animé-like graphics! These are top-notch, excellent graphics by some of the masters of low-res graphics - Jaws-V-Soft.
Sound No Sound.
Plot/Story Not cookie delivery, but this time you're trying to impress "Princess Z", while being stalked by NamNam, some girl who has the hots for you. :) Nice story, and the mini movies are very well-done.
Gameplay/Features This has very nice RPG gameplay, and a couple of features. You can save and load files, and there is challenge and normal mode. That's about it for features. To move and select from menus, you use the arrow keys. Enter selects, and escape brings up the pop-up menu where you can load, save and quit a game. Not perfect features or gameplay, but it's pretty darn good!
Overall Impression This is one of the most near-perfect QBASIC RPGs out there. If it was a little longer, I'm sure that it could be a proffessional RPG for a console like Game Boy Color or NES. It's simple, yet very cool!
19/20 * 5 =

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