Shadow Of Power Review

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Author: Merlin
Genre: RPG
Reviewer: WisdomDude
Size: 3.09 MB
Download: sop.exe

Shadow Of Power
First Impression Oh My God, this game has more programming effort than any game I've ever seen! This game looks Zelda 3-ish! Hmm, too bad my sound card wont play the music. :( The features are great, I typed in 'WisdomDude' and it allows 5 players, cool!
What It's Like Well, it's Zelda 3-ish. When I think about it, it's almost exactly like Zelda, and it's like playing Zelda 3, and really nothing else. It's also like playing Zelda 1 though 3 all in one! Lol I can't honestly think this game has a mixture of other games than Zelda.
Other things you should know Well, the graphics aren't fully theirs, because I noticed some of LordQB's material on there and that's kinda low, since it's not brand graphics like Zelda, and Zelda 3 graphics are ok to rip, since it doesn't take a retarded monkey to figure out where they came from. As for the music, it's not theirs, and it's not going to work, unless you have an AWE 32-bit SB card. I heard this game has a bug with saving and loading maps, so if you want, go to and see if you can find the patch for it.

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The rating
Graphics These graphics aren't fully theirs, but they do make the game looks so good I have to give them a 4. Now, if I'm supposed to judge graphics based on if it's theirs, or if it's good looking graphics, I would just have to give them a 4 out of 5 on this, so I don't get bitched at for favoring what I'm supposed to give.
Sound The sounds are top-notched. I like the sound effects, and I really don't care for the profanity in it, but I give it a 5.
Plot/Story This is what I did, I got the German story of this game, and I went to, and translated it from German to English. As I was reading this, Altavista doesn't always make it gramatically correct. It's well.. a mediocre story, where Holgar must find the jewels, and help this crying girl, since evil has taken over. Honestly, I maybe wrong, but for now, I'm giving it a 4.
Gameplay/Control Actually, this is the part of the game I love! It has LOTS of magic spells, weapons, misc items, and it allows you to save up to 5 players! The great thing about this, is it's fun to play with the magic spells.
Overall Impression Well, even if the game isn't fully theirs, I still like it lots! I mean, I played this game for 3 hours, and I haven't even beaten it yet. Right now, I would honestly have to say that THIS IS THE BEST RPG EVER!
23/25 * 4 =

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