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Author: Unknown
Genre: RPG Demo
Reviewer: Pete
Size: 88 KB

Tech Masters
First Impression This is a very simple walking demo of an RPG. There's an ascii map on which you move around until an enemy attacks. You fight and kill the enemy in the battle engine, and return to the map. That's about it. This program is very confusing, and very little documentation comes with it. Read on!
What It's Like Have you seen P.R.O.G.U.E. by Dunric? The map on this is the same idea, just in black and white. You can't move on to 'landscape features', made of ascii characters. The battle engine is very strange, and works strangely. You press up, down, left and right to do various attacks, and text messes up the battle screen because it pushes everything up. It is refreshed, though. When you start this game, you don't know what to do, but you figure it out eventually.
Other things you should know This is a program made by a newbie. You can tell. It's very good for a newbie's program, but will never stand up to the more complicated RPGs by advanced programmers, but was a good first try.

Tech Masters Screenshot

The rating
Graphics There are two kinds of graphics in this game. One type are the ascii graphics of the map. The other kind are the small and simple graphics of the battle engine. They are not the worst graphics I have seen, but a lot more work is needed on them. The graphics should be made in a sprite editor and loaded in. They are in desperate need of 'upgrading'. :)
Sound There is no sound in this game.
Plot/Story None, but I imagine this game would be better if there was a reason why you were traveling around and fighting enemies...
Gameplay/Control The control is kind of weird, but after a few battles you'll get used to it. The arrow keys let you move around on the map screen, and during a battle, the arrows let you choose your next attack. There is also a bit of selecting from menus too. This is fine for this game.
Overall Impression This is simple. It's good for a newbie! I can tell that he put a lot of work in to it. Not horrible, but it does need a lot of work...
9/15 * 6.7 =

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