Address Manager Program Review

Address Manager Program Screenshot

Author: Dennis Martin
Genre: Database program
Reviewer: James Robert Osborne
Size: 5 KB

Address Manager Program
First Impression Oh, it tells you what keys to hit. Let's see I hit F1, made my own record, and it saves my record! Also, I even got it to print on my Canon Bubble Jet printer! This could come in handy! :)
What It's Like It reminds me of just those very old DOS programs, it's nothing special, but it looks like an old regular DOS-type of text-layout. The ASC characters are ok, but it's not all that special.
Other things you should know If your printer is off, and you try to print, you'll get some very annoying pop-up errors in a loop, and it takes you back to windows leaving your program active. That's very annoying. ;(

The rating
Graphics N/A since it's not meant to be a fancy GUI.
Sound BEEP is the only thing you get, so it counts as an N/A
Flexibility/Features Well, it has LOTS of good stuff! :) You can even do a query search, and you'll get some results, if it exists. :) I like these type of searches, and you can also print, save, edit, load, and it's adding information (APPENDing), NOT over-writing
Overall Impression This is a good start to use, if you're new at it. Too bad it's nothing more than a data-base. It would be cool if it was mouse-oriented and not always keyboard. :(
7/10 * 10 =

Editor's Note: This type of file is hard to review, as the review format used on Pete's QBASIC Site is meant for games and not utilities. This program is very nice, and is also could be useful to some people for data management. I suggest that you download it and make your own opinions about it.