The Qlympics

Okay, folks, we're finally here! After two stringent nominations rounds, we finally have our field narrowed down to the best of the best. These are the official nominees for each category, and now it's your job to vote on your favorites!

Remember, this is a competition for people's work between January, 2003 and July, 2006, so please take that into account and ssvote accordingly!

The final voting round will begin with the release of QB Express #23, in August, 2007.

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Additional categories

There are a few other awards categories that will not be subject to this nominations round:

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Gaming Awards

Best of Genre Awards

(Open to both FreeBasic and QuickBasic games.)

Best Arcade / Action Game

MUX - Pieslice Productions

Squealer TNT - Piptol

ArKade - KiZ

ZeroG - Syn9

Best RPG

Lynn's Legacy - Josiah Tobin & Cha0s

In The Nocturne - DarkDread

Deep Deadly Dungeons - Rick Clark

The Griffon Legend - Syn9

Quest For A King - SJ Zero

Best Strategy / Puzzle Game

StarQuest v1.1 - Jace Masula

Poxie - Lachie Dazdarian

Tubez - Dr_D

Best Text-Based Game

Bungy The Worm - lurah

Hungry Jocke - Ryan

Deep Deadly Dungeons (ASCII Version) - Rick Clark

The Quest For Opa Opa! - na_th_an and aetherFox

Technical Achievement Awards

Best Graphics

Lynn's Legacy - Josiah Tobin & Cha0s

Frantic Journey Demo - Adigun A. Polack & Relsoft

The Griffon Legend - Syn9

Best Sound Design

Lynn's Legacy - Josiah Tobin & Cha0s

Squealer TNT - Piptol

The Quest For Opa Opa - Na_th_an & Aetherfox

The Griffon Legend - Syn9

Frantic Journey Demo - Adigun A. Polack & Relsoft

Character Awards

Thanks to Lachie Dazdarian for gathering these images!

Best Gaming Hunk

Fayne (the lone Griffon Knight) - The Griffon Legend

Wesley - Squealer TNT

Jocke - Hungry Jocke

Valour - ...In the Nocturne

Best Gaming Babe

Alexa Cullers - Cyber Chick

Lynn - Lynn's Legacy

Tiffany Fireheart - Nietzsche

Best Villain

Bill Clinton - Cyber Chick

Vlad Dracula - ...In the Nocturne

Margrave Gradius - The Griffon Legend

Biff - Squealer TNT

Best FB Port of a Past QB Game

Dark Ages - SJ Zero (originally by Mike Hoopman)

The Secret of Cooey - tunginobi (originally by DarkDread)

Wetspot 10th Anniversary Remix - Adigun A. Polack (originally by Angelo Mottola)

Non-Gaming Awards

Best Graphics Demo (QB or FB)

Keftedes - Optimus & The Hardliner

Mono and Disco - RelSoft

Enough - Plasma

RelSoft's FB Graphics Demos - RelSoft

Best GUI / Fake OS (QB or FB)

Millennium OS - Todd Seuss

Costa .80 - Jacob Palm

Best Library (QB or FB)

AFlib2 - Adigun A. Polack

YAGL - marzec

RelLib - Relsoft

Best Utility / Application (QB or FB)

ASCII Scrolling Map Maker 2 - Rattrapmax6

AsciiQuest Editor - Jace Masula

Twigz Engine - Shattered Realm Productions

Best Overall Programmer




Awards for Written Work

Best Tutorial or Tutorial Series

I.F. Games Series (1-7) - Na_th_an

Tree Tutorial Series (Parts 1-6) - Syn9
3D Series (1-5) - RelSoft

MystikShadows' series (MIDI, GUI Design, Commercial & Professional Application Development, File Manipulation in QB, more)

Best QB/FB Article or Editorial

Searching For The Unknown (review series) - Lachie Dazdarian

Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane? No, It's FreeBasic! - Blitz
Blast From The Past! (series) and QB Express Gallery (series) - Pete Berg

Best QuickBasic / FreeBasic Website


QBasic News

Pete's QBasic Site / QB Express

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