A QUICK MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR's been almost a year since the last issue of QBOA appeared, then vanished off of the face of the earth. Many things have happened since then. I technically retired from QB altogether, but that doesn't mean I've forgotten my roots. In an effort to show the people that QB is not forgotten, I brought this magazine back to life. As of this writing, there are only three people who even knew this was coming back (you know who you are), so now, the whole world will know ;)

So, why did I bring it back? There must be some deep-rooted reason, right? Right? Of course there is...kind of. You all know of QB Cult Magazine. Well, they're without question one of the most popular QB zines out there right now, and with good reason: they're honest, helpful, and prompt! With the recent closing of the QB Times, it leaves QBCM as the only QB zine on the net that doesn't suck. Well, this is an effort to once again broaden the horizon for the members of the QB world. Enjoy, and don't forget to send in your comments!

The original NeoZones, founded by Neo (now known as Tek) way back who-knows-when, was apparently hacked a couple of days ago. The majority of the blame is pointed at a member of the QB community known as Zip (formely known on IRC as 'person'). Although no solid proof of this accusation has come to light, Tek has decided to shut down NeoZones until further notice. You can read his closing message at NeoZones. In addition, the NeoBasic webboard seems to be stirring over this event, fingers pointing everywhere.

Future Software has undergone a massive overhaul, and people who have bookmarked various parts of their site have been coming up with 404s. Their QB side is under a subdomain now. The new design is very nice, however, and if you haven't seen it yet, drop by Future Sofwtare and check it out for yourself.

The IRC EfNet channel #quickbasic recently underwent some massive reform after a war was waged for four days. It seems peace is once again restored, but it's split the members into two factions; the former controllers, who have now gathered in #qbcc, and the current controllers, among them including some of the original #quickbasic founders. War on #quickbasic is never-ending, and there will never be one controller, but instead, it's all about who has the current advantage.

Pretty big news for you Darkness Ethereal fans...the popular Mysterious Song game released by the group many months ago has been getting a very large download rate on CNET, in excess of 500 a day. For a QB game written in DOS, that's pretty impressive, proof positive that not only is DOS not dead, but QB isn't either!

German programming group Master Creating has announced that their new fantasy strategy game Imerion is finally a true network game as they recently launched its first official networked game. Things look promising for this project, check it out at their homepage.

The popular project QBCC, the QuickBasic Compatible Compiler, is looking for programmers for its standard libraries. Knowledge of C++ is a must. A first alpha of this compiler has already been released, check it out and more at the QBCC website.
I found this game on V Planet and thought it might be a good game to check out, since they did a little review for it. It's rare that you find a game like this, so I said "what the hell". I was not disappointed.
The first thing you'll notice is the nonstandard graphics. This is a game obviously meant for hicolour, but stuck with the limitations of 13h. There is a lot of dithering in the graphics, but it's understandable. The game does not come with a sound setup option, so if you want to hear anything but FM synth music, you'll have to edit the batch file yourself. And on the subject of music, the selected score is very fitting to the game. And the sound effects throughout the game are very well-done. The technical aspect of this game was altogether done wonderfully.
As stated earlier, the graphics and sound are great, despite being in 13h and having to manually configure the music driver. The game plays very well, and the object of the game quickly becomes apparent; collect five little "tubes", whatever they are, and get to the exit. Pretty simple, no? No. The game's difficulty level is high. Even if you collect all the objects you need to finish the level, chances are you're going to run out of firepower and get wasted. This makes the game among the more challenging I've seen in awhile, and for a little while, makes you play it again and again...
It's hard to find any cohesive low points to this game. There are a few minor issues I have with this game, however. First of all, there are some issues with collision. Near the exit is a platform which you must jump on at a certain angle to get onto. If you don't jump at the right angle, you won't get on it. In addition, if an enemy is on the platform, and you shoot at it from the lower platform, the bullet will go through his legs! At one point, there is a set of bullets on a shelf, and you need to actually jump up to get them, when in fact your character passes right over them. The enemies in and of themselves are a minor issue...there's only two types of enemies, and they both look the same, they're cops. Some have larger bullets, but that's about the only variation to them. The only other gripe I have about this game is the setup of the music. It would have been nice to have a custom sound setup program that builds a batch file with the options specified to your needs.
All in all, this is a pretty solid piece of work, and is highly recommended. It seems to me that this is the new era of QB games, and with more and more platformers appearing every day, the age of RPGs is over, to be replaced by more active games like this. Let's hope this trend doesn't end soon!


QBOA should have featured this game a year ago, but we ended it before this gallery could be shown. Now, here it is! Legends Of Destiny, by Tenshi Animétion. Feast your eyes on these beautiful graphics!

For more information, visit the Legends Of Destiny homepage.
Toshi's Project Page. I don't think you'll find a larger set of links anywhere. In addition, there's a ton of files and resources all over the place. It's a little cluttered, but spend some time here and learn all you ever wanted to know. Not just QB, but he covers C, C++, PASCAL, ASM, and more. According to Toshihiro, the webmaster, the site was also recently updated. Additionally, there's another QB-compatible compiler project on the site called QBJC, an interesting concept in itself. If you haven't been there yet, go now or you'll be condemned to a life of boredom.
Yeah, it's a quick issue, but that's just because we sprang this one as a surprise on you all. Hopefully this will be the start of a new era of QBOA. Feel free to write us with your comments, suggestions, flames, etc. Until next time...this is Nekrophidius, signing out...

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