Welcome to Issue 1, October
QBasic Gamer


Welcome to issue 1 of the Qbasic Gamer! You know, ever since the end of QBCM back in July, There has been a gap in the QMunnity, or at least for me. This is something I've always wanted to do, and would have earlier only I didn't want to become competition for a friend of mine, Matthew River Knight, former editor of QuickBasic Cult Magazine. I'm hoping that this will fill at least part of that void - It's a project that I'm really excited about.

For a first Issue, I've actually got a lot to say. There is a news article about the state of the QMunnity today, a review of my favourite QBasic game, and a game design tutorial. But this is only a first issue, and represents only a fraction of what I hope to accomplish whenever I get some feedback. I'm hoping that future issues will be almost completely built from not only my own articles but from submissions from good-willed members of the Qbasic public. I'd like to start a letters page next month, so plenty of comments are welcomed! Also, to increase the bulk of the magazine, tutorial submissions and news articles are welcomed. I may even start a mini game of the month competition like QBCM used to run!

Qbasic Gamer, as the name suggests, places more emphathasis on games made in qbasic and game development related tutorials than on, say tutorials of programming skills that are unlikly to assist game design. If anybody wants thier game reviewed, email me. Or if anybody has a suggestion for a tutorial, email me. I firmly believe that there is tonnes of quality to be squeezed out of QBasic in terms of games - despite loads of programming utilities out there, theres still loads of room for improvement. The general quality of Qbasic games remains low. This magazines single objective is to change that - there is no reason whatever why Qbasic isn't fit to make a game like Final Fantasy 6, for example. Hopefully, I'll be around until that happens.

Terry Cavanagh, Editor.