QBasic Gamer

Here are two of the most interesting responses to last months debates - Ok, I admit it... they're the only ones, but it seems there was no need for the debate - everyone in the QMunnity is totally commited to the future of the language.

Qbasic is fun! I think that is the most important thing. Who said, that one must compare it with a language like C++? What I and I guess most Qbasic programmers enjoy about Qbasic is, to try and make a program out of it, which people would have thought, is impossible to make with Qbasic. And now with the libraries, Qbasic is surely becoming more popular again! Recently I've been sad, that many good Qbasic sites have been shut down or not been updated anymore. But there are actually always people who make new Qbasic web pages. I think that is an important subject, because if the the Internet and the Qbasic community wouldn't exist, Qbasic would surely be dead be now! Also talking about new BASIC programs like QuickPower, I think they are good, and there have also been many other BASIC compilers, but people still like to program in the traditional Qbasic-language and that will surely stay so.

Philip Perry

 Quick Power will not kill qb, Quick Power will take Qb into the next millenium =). Qbasic is just a programin language and its great, but the compiler that comes with qb v4.5 kinda sucks!(Im sure it was great when it was made, but thats like 10 years ago and lots of things has happend since then =) ). The best thing would be the good old qbasic code and a new qb compiler that compiles win32 exe's, and thats what Quick Power will be (I think =) ).

Jonge - BINARYmagic.net

So that's it! Debate closed! The results are in and QB is in the lead. Let's see the reaction to this months debate.