QBasic Gamer

To most of us who have been with the QMunnity some time, a strange thing happens to us. It's happened to me and quite a few others, including Merlin of Master Creating, interviewed this month. Not only are we more sympathitic in terms of quility towards games made in QB, we slowly begin to find that these games are accually more fun. Think about it - has YOUR standard in games dropped ever since YOU joined the QMunnity? And it's not just QBasic games - many people within the QMunnity seek down old emulation games, believing them to be better than thier modern day counterparts - but are they really?


Many games in Qbasic lack in terms of Music and graphics in comparision to thier modernday counterparts - which forces you to look at the most important aspect of the game : Gameplay. It doesn't just have to be Qbasic games - who wouldn't rather play Final Fantasy VI than play one of the graphically superior sequels? Qbasic "trains" you to look past these superficial aspects of gaming and appeciate a good game when you see it. Most modern games rely of graphics and are therefore incomparable to QBasic classics like Mysterious song and Shadow of Power. And anyway, not counting Qbasic, all the good puzzle games, Adventures of Lolo series, Sokoball of Osaka and Puzznic were made years ago. It seems that there's no such thing as a decent puzzle game nowadays - they have to have an atractive lead character (like Lara Croft) and loads of blood to be anygood.


You can't be serious! First of, about that puzzle game argument, you're totally wrong. Modern Puzzles like Kula World are equally good, if not better than the games you mentained. 3D isn't a failing in a game - it's a bonus. Games like Metal gear solid, Thief and, yes, the Tomb Raider series are FAR better than any games made before them. Loads of terrible games are made in Qbasic - they don't compare to thier 3D counterparts at all.

So - a well balanced argument for this months debate - but what sort of reaction will this debate stir up?