QBasic Gamer
A month has passed. How was holloween everyone?

This issue is slightly thicker than our debut offerings. My first (And only, may I add - Shame on you QMunnity :) submitter has given not one but TWO tutorials for you to expand your knowelge! He's was a former member of Dark Legends software, who came back online to see the programming company in ruins. In his own typical style, he eventually convinced Will (Willaim Moores to the unenlightned) and myself to re-form a new company, Alternitive Reality Entertainment. AR is effectivly just Dark Legends Software -1; Disapointly, Svante didn't join. AR is not just a new name, it's a new company, which I promise will be more commited and professional than Dark Legends ever was. Which is why there's been a slight change in site design - This magizine and the new site are Merging. By next month this site and the new site will be entirely intergrated, sharing identical layouts. The logo was Svante's final offering to the group, before he moved onto my favorite QBasic website, VPlanet. Wish him luck in the future.

Alternate Reality Entertainment

Well, that's enough talking about the company. What about the magizine? However disapointing last month's response was, I'll still not giving up - you're stuck with me, so get used to it! You may have noticed the new logo - That's Svante's work again. It's fabulous compared to the old one... snigger... yes, in answer to your questions, I did make the logo in Microsoft paint, and yes, I did make it at the last minute! Apart from the new logo, content has slightly increased also. We have a total of three tutorials on offer - A sorting tutorial that Matthew River Knight found in an old programming book and transcribed for the magizine, a small font tutorial by myself (With example code) and an intresting plasma tutorial, again by Matthew River Knight. We've also interviewed one of the QMunnity's most prominent faces, Merlin of Master-Creating. As for reviews, two of the Qmunnities favorites are covered here, Shadow of Power and Monospace.

Enjoy reading it. But remember, this magizine bases it's survival on your efforts. If you'd like to see this magizine get past issue three, you're all going to have to pull your weight. Submissions are not only welcomed, they're expected. Till then,

Terry Cavanagh. (terrycavanagh@eircom.net)