QBasic Gamer

I was excited to see, that there is someone who has started to make a new qbasic magazine. Because I was sad that qbtimes has not given out a new issue for a long time. I only find it a shame that it is only a magazine for qbasic games. I think it would be important, that people can see, that one can also program other things in Qbasic then only games.

Anyway, lots of luck with your mag. 

Philip Perry

Thanks for the support! But do you really think there is more to Qbasic than games? To be perfectly honest, and this is hard to say considering that I happen to hate windows (It's really unstable - It crashes everytime I run a dos box), but Is Qbasic really suitable for application design? I mean, you can get any application you want in Windows, many in Shareware or Freeware. I have all the application I need, thank you very much, and I think the real fun in QBasic is not to program duplicate applications but instead to create your own world - like every good Computer game should. Maybe I should start a debate on this?

Terry Cavanagh.

Dont leave it! It looks good, but a few points you should take in mind:

* Please, (i don't want to be unpolite) change the logo!!! It sucks!!! Uff.. Donīt take me bad... I think that you should work in a better LOGO. I could do one if you want, tell me do.

* Save the JPGs in an higher quality or use GIFs, the Untitled screenshot is very damaged.

* Use align=justify in your HTML, it'll look better.

* I liked the articles, you write so well. It's easy to read.

* Open doors to contributors. I could write an article about how to build an easy platform game engine, with a full working example (i.e. a game), tell me what you think about that. If you agree, I'll work on it and a week will be enough to have it up.

Your post in the neoboard said that you didn't have any feedback. Well, where is a link to yr page? I didn't know its existence, I first knew about it in yr post.

Keep on that good working.

Na Than Ashhanti

P.S.:Oh! Do you make gamez?

Thanks for the feedback. Accually, I'm past that annoying block where I got no support - I had no less than 5 emails waiting for me when I checked, so I can't complain any more. Issue 2 boasts a new design using the old layout, and yes, the old logo does suck! I have problems with my art program, hence JPG, but I've found a way around it now.

Thanks in particular for the comments on the articles, that's one thing that nobody's yet mentained. (Everybody seems obsessed with the bloody site layout :)

I thought I made it perfectly clear that I'm dying for contributers! Begging even! It's your magizine, people - It won't last long without you. Anything you have to contribute would be greatly appriacted!

And Incedently, I do make games. But I have a bad habit of working at 6 or 7 projects at any one time. None of my previous stuff is really anygood, but my current project takes a new angle on puzzle games that's bound to shoot it above even some commercial titles. Naturally, I'm very excited about it. I'll be uploading some of my previous stuff soon, but right now I'm too busy listening to Metallica (Ah... The joys of Napster :)

Thanks a Bunch!

Terry Cavanagh.

Hey, it's shadow from NeoBASIC

I told you I'd get around to reading your article =) It seems pretty good! Great job! I haven't made anything yet, but I'm sure I could. I'm easily capable of a side-scroller, but I enjoy text adventures more than anything else. I'll be writing my first adventure in turbo pascal, since it is an oop language. I think since I haven't seen any tutorials on the subject, I'd rate it a 9/10! It just lacked *serious* depth, but hey - you were trying to throw this whole mag together yourself! Besides, I'd expect to see "serious depth" in a book or something, or from a coder who didn't have deadlines or whatever. for an onlnie tut that was really well! thanks for covering that subject.. I've searched all over the net to find it without success!

Anyway, let me know if you need anything, thanks,



I'm glad to see you liked the tutorial. However, the reason for the lack depth was not because of a deadline (Well, ok, partially because of a deadline) but more because the tutorial was aimed at a programmer who already knew how to program, and not at a beginner. I plan to write a lot of tutorials like this, mostly theory and almost no code. I'm sure you'll get on alright at it, and If you do have a problem, I'l be uploading a game called Spellbound Island on the website, a text adventure I made. Fell free to "Disect" the code to learn what you want! I'm disapointed that you've chosen Pascal, since QBasic is ideally suited for text adventures with all those simple string processing commands and the advantage of small file size. I'm a massive text adventure fan myself - My favorite was Commodore 64's Treasure Island, made in 1996 by Jon Wells. Seek it out on emulator if you're a fan (Now that I think about it, that date might be wrong, but whatever :)). Other classics worth your time are Jhotomania 6, Corya, Westfront PC and the Argon Factor. The only thing I wish I did I have time to do (Unfortunatly, I ran out of time) was that I expained the use and Examine commands - I left that kinda open ended. Thanks for the feedback,

Terry Cavanagh.