DarkDread: Thanks for not sending another boring set of questions...
I get a real big urge to sacrifice inanimate objects every time I get a request for an interview and one of the questions is 'What inspired you to do Dark Crown?' ;)

Anyway... Some answers would be in order, no?

Skarab: What RPG will you release next?
DarkDread: The Secret of Cooey 3... From the few who've beta tested it, I've recieved comparisons to Final Fantasy II us, and Chrono Trigger. Release date? When it's done... Maybe September... Maybe not.

Skarab: Do you plan to have any children? If so how many?
DarkDread: No, I don't want any kids... It's a good thing my fiancee agrees with this ;)

Skarab: Would you consider naming one of your children Cecil?
DarkDread: About as much as I'd consider naming a cat fluffy. In other words, no.

Skarab: Would you consider naming a character in your RPG Cecil? DarkDread: Isn't it bad enough that the protagonist of FFII had that name? It'd be like calling your antagonist Darth. *Ducks from the angry flames of Star Wars fans*

Skarab: I understand if it is TOP SECRET; if you don't want me to tell anyone that you are naming your next character Cecil.
DarkDread: I will do that when My Dying Bride reaches the no.1 charts on Billboard with their next album.

Skarab: Why do you think God created the universe? (Assume he did)
DarkDread: I will assume nothing. ;)

Skarab: Would you consider donating your sperm to a scientific project which will build an army of RPG authors from your seed?
DarkDread: No... The last thing we need is more DarkDread impersonators.

Skarab: Would a mass of little DarkDreads scurrying about frighten you?
DarkDread: Me? No. Others, most definetly.

Skarab: Would you kill one of these clones in self-defense?
DarkDread: No, I'd sit back and watch the pathetic spectacle unfold.

Skarab: Would you kill one of these clones for one million dollars?
DarkDread: No... I have respect for human li... Okay... Fine... I can't finish that sentence without laughing.

Skarab: Does the Sound of Music (1) Make you want to code, (2) Cry and/or vomit on the TV, or (3) Kill and eat everyone in sight and blame it on Halael the Angel of Light?
DarkDread: (4) Never watched that movie, don't care... Don't want to.

Skarab: Do you ever program in the nude?
DarkDread: No... I'm not on personal terms with my pc ;)

Skarab: Do dark corners talk? And if so, do they express their disdain for Kevin Costner and his vile mode of acting?
DarkDread: Dark corners only talk if someone is occupying said space... As for Mr. Costner, meh... all acting is vile, so I don't care.

Skarab: How often do you code Game Genie for NES? You can be honest.
DarkDread: Never... Though my friend and I used it once way back when to create 'new levels' for Super Mario Bros.

Skarab: What would you say to Ehud Barak concerning the Middle East peace conflicts?
DarkDread: 'Who are you? ... and why should I care about the suffering of others?' Err... Was that 'dark and gothic' enough? ;)

Skarab: Thank you very much. Please say some words to our younger audience about the dangers of eating raw human flesh and the disease Kuru.
DarkDread: Uhm... Cook it thoroughly first ;)

There you have it, the single greatest interview that has ever been published. We thank DarkDread for his time. You can visit his website at Darkness Ethereal