QBI decided to find out what QBE's mascot should be. It was a rather long study amongst various people. We came to this basic conclusion, there should be a lot, since no one could make up their mind.

CodeMason, decided that Chuck, the long since webmaster of quickbasic.com

Renegade_ said MrPants should be the webmaster. I'm not quite sure who that is, or if that's a fetish name. I assure you however, that the only one who cares, is him.

Skarab feels that a dung beetle should be mascot.

And our highly responsive viewer, 5h4d0w, feels that NukemNOW should be the mascot. If I translated that message to correct English, I would assume that's what he said.

Josh, our new reporter, feels that CHEESE should be the new mascot.

moj stated the following, "Yes, i think a long cable wire should be the mascot, because its so long and wirey." No comment.

Zip, feels that HE should be the mascot.

Nekrophidius, feels that I should be mascot. And I should.

QBI did a variety of tests, and found that there can only be one true mascot for QB Expo. We simply took the population and found the minority. That would accomplish getting a completely original character. Everyone meet: