<Skarab> Now that KOK is complete, what are you planning?
<Big_Nose> Myself and all of the Phat Kids are going to be doing some C++ work. My next game should be started in the fall.
<Skarab> Are any of your characters going to be related to Chet?
<Big_Nose> Who is Chet?
<Skarab> How much do you exactly know about Chet?
<Big_Nose> Nothing, who is Chet?
<Skarab> Never mind. Do you plan to include any nuns in your next RPG?
<Big_Nose> Hmmm maybe....
<Skarab> Are lesbian nuns a possibility?
<Big_Nose> That's just wrong
<Skarab> Why do you think God created the universe? (Assume he did)
<Big_Nose> I figure he was really bored one day.
<Skarab> You are smart. What chemicals help you think?
<Big_Nose> The usual ones.
<Skarab> Ah, how about Plug-Ins, do you ever trip on plug-ins?
<Big_Nose> Not very often, although I have fallen down the stairs 3 times in my life.
<Big_Nose> Does in a towel count?
<Skarab2> I see. Are you gay?
<Big_Nose> God no!
<Skarab2> If I said I were straight, and you were straight, and and that our love would mean nothing, would you commit acts with me?
<Big_Nose> Is this interview being put up on the internet?
<Skarab2> What do you think about that Jesus guy?
<Big_Nose> I think he tried to help people, but I also don't think Jewish people liked him very much
<Skarab2> Would you consider worshipping him?
<Big_Nose> I'm sorry, I'm agnostic, I'm unsure of my religious beliefs.
<Skarab2> Would you consider worshipping him if I gave you one million dollars?
<Big_Nose> Probably then
<Skarab2> Would you consider sacrificing a rotten gerbil Katul-Arbo, the Frog God?
<Big_Nose> No, let me ask you something, if you were the one being asked all these questions and you didn't give a crap about half the questions that we're being asked, what would you do?
<Skarab2> I am the interviewer. For my last question, how big is your big nose?
<Big_Nose> Not that big
<Skarab2> like...two...three inches?
<Big_Nose> I've never measured my nose
<Skarab2> Well thank you very much. I shall have this up soon.