<Josh___> Okay thank you for letting me interview you.
<Josh___> first question
<Josh___> What do you think about guinea pigs?
<Zip-> they belong in laboratories  >:)
<Josh___> Do you think Gopus is a guinea pig?
<Josh___> helloooooo?
<Zip-> it's hard to say... he seems to show some negative feelings toward hamsters, but is much smarter than any guinea pig i've ever seen
<Zip-> hello
<Josh___> indeed
<Zip-> maybe
<Josh___> What is your opinion on hamsters?
<Zip-> they are good...
<Zip-> what else can be said? they're just... wonderful :)
<Josh___> Do you think they should rule the world?
<Zip-> well, along with humans...
<Josh___> Be honest now, Have you ever used subs?
<Zip-> yes
* Josh___ gasps
<Josh___> okaaay
<Zip-> and FUNCTIONS
<Josh___> NOOOOOOOOooooooooo!!!
<Josh___> What about... kill?
<Zip-> not a lot, but i have...
<Josh___> !!!
<Zip-> but i'm not a murderer just cuz i kill  ;)
<Josh___> Have you ever used VB!?!?!
<Zip-> no
<Josh___> whew
<Zip-> i began reading a vb book once, then i realized that it stinks...
<Zip-> it smells like hamster poison, so i avoid it
<Josh___> Do you eat bananas while standing on your head?
<Zip-> i would, except i broke my neck the last time i tried standing on my head
<Zip-> good thing i had a spare
<Josh___> hmmm
<Josh___> yes
<Josh___> Do you like gerbils?
<Zip-> no!
<Josh___> good
<Josh___> Now...
<Josh___> Final question
<Josh___> Have you ever been in league with guinea pigs in an attempt to take over the world?
<Zip-> let me tell you something...
<Zip-> i am neither a hamster, guinea pig, nor gerbil
<Zip-> i am a mouse
* Josh___ gasps
<Zip-> >:)
<Josh___> a MOUSE!?!?!?!?!?!
<Josh___> Thank you
<Josh___> lol
<Zip-> yes, indeed
<Zip-> but
<Josh___> Thank you for helping QBI discover the truth
<Zip-> at least i'm allies with the hamsters... or am i? muahaha
no problem
<Zip-> done?
<Zip-> good...
<Zip-> i know i messed that UUUUUUPPPP
<Zip-> oh well
<Josh___> oh
<Josh___> you didn't mess anything up
<Josh___> good job
* Zip- feels like a, um, dummy... hehe
<Josh___> dummy?
<Josh___> why?
<Zip-> :B
<Zip-> dunno
<Josh___> You did good
* Zip- slaps zip
<Josh___> heh
<Zip-> ow
* Zip- hits zip back...
<Zip-> hey!
<Zip-> ..
<Zip-> sorry
* Zip- looks at josh... i'm ok... really
* Josh___ thinks the interview got lengthened...
<Zip-> NOO!
<Zip-> ...
* Zip- stops