Hello QBers, I have some news on KOK.  First lets see if the public suspected anything on it ;).

Nekrophidius---Without question. It owns me and my measly attempts at making a game.

We think that Nekrophidius was paid much for this opinion.  It is even rumored that he works for guinea pigs.  Does this mean that KOK and gunea pigs are on the same side?

Anonymous---No way, it looks crappy

This person... at least we know he doesn't work for guinea pigs.

5h4d0w---i don't even know what kook means or who kook is but i do know that Cisco has not been affected by kook, so i would say no.

5h4d0w obviously sees the plot of KOK, but it appears that he has been silenced and perhaps kidnapped by the guinea pigs.

5h4d0w---No, not KOK, it was Cisco.

This is another detail that QBI would have been clueless without.  Guinea pigs like to eat Cisco.  Raw.

Skarab---Any competition under 5 frigging megs! Good lord!

nuff said.

lutasarts---I hope so - seems better than Shadow of - Whats that name again?

lutasarts appears to be another one paid off by the guinea pigs.  Perhaps the guinea pigs aren't using money, but perhaps they are brainwashing the public.  Which is more likely because guinea pigs don't have jobs, so they can't get paid.  (It is rumored that guinea pigs may try to make counterfeit money.)

asvisn---where can i download it?

An innocent bystander must watch out in the QB world as it is, with brainwashing guinea pigs out here and all.

JTM---that depends on what colour your eyebrows are... really.

This may be another clue as to how to catch the guinea pigs.  Perhaps blue eyebrowed guinea pigs like Cisco more than green eyebrowed guinea pigs.

MagnaUnum---yup, the KKK rules.

MagnaUnun is suspected to be ONE OF THE GUINEA PIGS.  IN FACT HE IS.  Which is proven by the fact that he misspelled KOK as KKK, and guinea pigs never went to school, so he is one.  Unless... nevermind.

Traveller---I certainly hope not. If this is the best we can expect from QB RPG's, we might as well all start programming in C. God Forbid!

Traveller may be one of the famed Hamster agents, seeking to destroy the guniea pig menace.  Good job Traveller!

Now that the public has spoken, we can see what KOK's true plot is.  But not me.  Because I have never seen KOK.  Which proves that guinea pigs wrote it because guinea pigs and their works do not interest me.  Neither does this ... *shudder* RPG.