QBI, is back. After only one day of it's closing, people actually wanted back. This reporter was shocked. So, we decided to put it back up and give you new articles (basically because I deleted all the rest). So, nice to see you again QBIers. We also put up a COMMENTS section. It's really quite a concept. In the comments section you actually GIVE comments.

No other mag in QB history has ever had a comments section. Once again we press our originality and show you all who's boss. Next, QBCM will be release in exactly 10 days from now. That's 10 DAYS from now. I'm sure they'll have ever exclusive content. They should, it's been about TWO months.

QBI will now accept submissions. Just don't make it an ATTACHMENT to my e-mail. Skarab, is currently away, therefore don't send e-mail to him.

And that's about that.