Gilbert, the Emperor of all Gerbils

Today, the QBI was taken over by the gerbils. That's right. The QBI was taken over by the gerbils, in attempts to clear up a few things. We are not trying to take over the world. We are attempting to take over the UNIVERSE. That's right. THE UNIVERSE.

We will indeed use VB, to destroy the world. You mischievous QB kids, and your little dog too, only found out our secrets. But I insure you, it is too late. First step, the QBI, tomorrow, THE WORLD! You jerks shouldn't have gotten in our way. You will not be spared. Resistance is futile. You wonder what you evil QBers have done to us? Well, we'll tell you. We went straight to the source of QB... and have found that you knew it all along. Neozones knew not of the threat of us gerbils, knew not of the threat, and NeoBASIC was completely ignorant. But Josh knew....apparently Josh is a genius.

Look at this evil display of absolute filth!!! We are the intellectual superior of hamsters. This comic is complete profanity in it's essence. Hamsters will perish, along with you petty humans.

Believe it or not, but Microsoft owns all of you. That includes Nekro, leroy, asvisn, Glenn, Danny Gump, DarkDread, and GOD!!!! Well...not God. Sorry. Overdramatic there...sorry. Microsoft controlls you all. You are pawns in our game. Microsoft and Gerbils rule all.

Traveller says, "Em - Josh - Is this your Question? No offence, but when do you plan to reach puberty?", when asked what his favorite rodent is. Well guess what, Traveller? When we create our patented age reversal machine, you will NEVER reach puberty.

An anonymous person replied, "mice... : )." This person is obviously anonymous for a reason, because mice suck. Mice rely on cheese, they rely on ANOTHER animal's excretion.

SexFish replied, "A shrew, because I wanna screw, the shrew, with you, too." Anyone who would screw a shrew should rot in poo and become sued by Richard Moo. Threesomes are not what gerbils do.

asvisn replied, "as much as youre gonna write about this in the article, my favorite is guinea pigs. even though guinea pigs are actually mammals, they fit quite nicely under this rodent catagory. no, they did not brainwash me." I'm sorry, but you cannot brainwash someone who hasn't a brain. Guinea pigs are asinine peons with a diet problem.

Eagle-X replied, "Guinea pig. 'nuff said." You are intellectually harmless, you will be spared to lift large things.

"I'm fond of monkeys. that's a rodent." replied 5h4d0w, who will now be banned from all polls.

Akujin said, "why .. those adorable little blue flying hamster, of course. But watch out .. they'll turn on ya and bite your fingers off. Tis why i'm down to 8." Well at least he has the amount of fingers he can actually count to.

Elvis][ (Golrien) said, "I like water rats because if you go too fast down a canal on a narrowboat they get soaked and look pissed off and funny."

We will take over this QB Community, and all the asinine peons who inhabit it. We are the QB Apocalaspe. You shall all wish you never took programming, in a BASIC DOS orientated language. You will all meet your doooooooooom!!!!!