Do programmers think different than Normal people?

I asked how often people bathed in #visualbasic on EfNet
Anonn replied:
[Anonn] Pharoah: i never bathe without you
This fellow was obviously trained in humor at an elite university.
[QStorm] 1 a year
[QStorm] unf
(Wonder what language degrees this person has)
I asked Gamkiller.
[Gamkiller] i only bathe after wanking off, so..every 15 mins?
While Philli-be only replied:
[Philli-be] ?

I decided to go to #politics to check on the normal folk.
I asked Gesimen how often he bathed
[Pharoah] Gesimen, how often do you bathe?
[gesimen] none of your buisness.  WTF are you, the federal government?
[Pharoah] o...k...
* Pharoah backs away.
I decided to back away.
[Pharoah] gesimen: How often do IT?
[gesimen] Pharoah: ...It depends - is your mom "in the mood" ?
Another graduate of Laughter University
[Pharoah] uh huh
[Pharoah] my mother's dead thank you for bringing it up
[gesimen] hmmm, i guess that I won't be  "geting any" then...
[Pharoah] You see me laughing? Look over here, that's me laughing.
[Pharoah] Do you program?
[gesimen] ...once again   none of your business

Seeing this was getting a little strange, I headed over to #philosophy
[Pharoah] What do you all know about programming?
[eSacred] I hacked the CIA
[Pharoah] I believe you. Really, I do.

A very unprofitable investigation. 
Do programmers think different than Normal people?
My findings: Does anybody care?