Our sources have came up with a theory that Qbasic is ACTUALLY extraterrestrial. We came up with the idea that Qbasic was actually the first innovative project with both man and the green people from Mars. We came up with very many objectives to help us...for instance...

Qbasic has a GREEN color. Now how can that be a coincidence? Not only does QB have a Green color, but it has 16 exclusive Green Colors in the DOS standard colors. That's 16. They didn't settle for 1, they settled for 16.

Next, the SPACE command? How could it be so obvious? IT HAS TO BE FROM OUTER SPACE!!!!!!! It has to be. Isn't it obvious though? I mean, SPACE, and SPACE? AS IN OUTER SPACE!!!!!!!


Is anyone listening? IT'S OBVIOUS. LITTLE GREEN MEN HAVE MADE QB. QB could stand for a lot of inert evils at Mars. LIKE QUASAR BEAM!!!!!!!!!

QBASIC IS ExtraTerrestrial!!!!!!!