Okay, I admit I get a tad overly excited when talking to people online, especially to Nek and Mags. Mainly them. Yes, mainly them. Nek is silly go, fights with him don't last extremely long... but now Mags... HE HATES ME.

And he always will. *sniff*. And I don't...know what it. *sniff*. I try to be nice to him and impress him and make him tolerate me.....but he...just.....won' it. *sniff*. And I WANT HIM TO......


Once, I was wrong about something and said sorry, and I really meant it, and he yelled at me. And EvilCreep said Mags HATED me and WANTed me to DIE!!!! ...or he said something like that. So I was wondering if the public would help me to get Mags to like me. Here's what you do, you send 50, no...100, no 500 e-mails to Mags saying that Gopus LOVES him. Then Mags will realize that I am trying to be nice and he will forgive me. Yes, that's what he will do. *Gopus nods*.

Thankee again everyone. BYE!!!!!!