The Taxing Issue at Hand
I will hide it no longer. We are having tax problems. Our first struggles came back in May when we were still not on the web. Qb Inquirer, LLC was audited by the IRS. They accused us of tax fraud and demanded we turn over statements from last year. We had several national affiliate newspapers (Newsweek, Washington Post, etc.) run articles badmouthing the IRS for these accusations. The IRS replied at a press conference with only the following remark: "That's typical QBI propaganda". Some (obviously Treasury Dept. agents) supposed conspiracy theorists connected us with the assasination of former US president John F. Kennedy. We had no involvement in this incident. We didn't even exist as of then. Though if we did, we propably would have shot the lousy commie.
Gopus recently quit, we now see, because he couldn't take the heat. That's the real reason behind his pussing out. We stickin' it to the MAN and the MAN just keeps us down. Gopus bailed out 'cause the fuzz got to him. That jive turkey's layin' low while the fire dies down. As you may know, we recently hired Matthew R. Knight as a reporter. He's a generally agreeable fellow. But there's one soon as we hired him, the IRS stopped calling. Matthew R. Knight works for NeoBASIC! He admitted it.
So has QBI sold out to Marcade and his syndicate of evil?
No comment.