Quickie-RPGs, as they are named, are small RPGs generally created for humor. They often feature sh*tty graphics and all-together bad controls. Matthew R. Knight and Skarab (that'd be me), both writers for QBI, release these sort of games. We both have released them in the last week and intend to plug the bejesus out of them. And we are not abusing our standing as respectable QBI staff members just to get more people to download our poorly made rubbish so that we can achieve some sort of feeling of accomplishment. What kind of twisted, soulless creature would do so? Qbasic The Game by Mr. Knight has gotten very good comments. I must say I love it. Though one feels obligated to change the hp settings to speed up play of the game, it moves along nicely and features QUITE HUMOROUS DIALOG. MY NAME IS LIONEL AND I LOVE MY GAMES. RADES is an Rpg where you must beat ogres to death with a club. You also get to eat them. That's about it. Also, the graphics are the very worst. I challenge you to do anything more vile. Download. RADES 2 is a semi-QbCommunity themed sequel where you can beat up Tek for his lunch money, buy an axe from Gopus, and kill Marcade with that axe. You also witness the death of two people and in doing so learn valuable lessons about tobacco abuse and how fun it is to watch a person cough and hack him/herself to death. Downright fancy graphics. Download. TABU is an actually serious QuickieRPG. I am proud of it, considering it took less than 24 hours to code. Moderately attractive graphics. Must Download. All three of these titles were completed in less than a week. They are part of my Rpg vow.