Hal Interview
5h4d0w: um. I'll go ahead and start now.
n5h4d0w: 1) What is your current project?
Hal: now why will you go ahead and start now? Because you can't spell.
n5h4d0w: ???n5h4d0w: What is your project now?
Hal: "Not Today"
n5h4d0w: 2) What would you say if you found an 8 pound man somewhere?
Hal: I don't know
n5h4d0w: 3) would you try to talk to it? ask it what is it doing?
Hal: I try to talk to it. It refuse to tell you what it's doing.
n5h4d0w: 4) do you think programmers are all subhuman pig-men?
Hal: Well, no.
n5h4d0w: 5) would you vote for my cat Rumor if she ran for president?
Hal: I am not a parrot.
n5h4d0w: 6) is gopus a parrot?
Hal: I don't think so.
n5h4d0w: 7) am i a parrot?
Hal: I think you are not a parrot.
n5h4d0w: 8) what do you think of my cat?
Hal: a cat is an animal
n5h4d0w: yes it is
n5h4d0w: 9) do you work for gerbils?
Hal: No, I don't think so.
n5h4d0w: 10) do you work for gopus?
Hal: No! I do not work for gopus.
n5h4d0w: 11) are you sure? what about Cisco?
Hal: I am always sure! I am proud to be a geek.
n5h4d0w: 12) any closing words?
Hal: "you have gotta snap somewhere"
n5h4d0w: er... ok...
n5h4d0w: laters
Hal: Bye-bye n5h4d0w!