Our sources have concluded that QB is Y2K compliant. However, IS QB Y2K+1 compliant? It was a very serious question because even though millions of dollars were spent towards Y2K, millions of dollars weren't spent towards Y2K+1. No one yet thinks that this could be something worth discussing, or figuring out.

"er.. what isnt?" stated asvisn, an obvious pawn in the conspiracy. Old Bill Gates wants such programmers to be ignorant, so he can get millions to spend millions on new computers. IT'S TRUE. Beware the heed of the goats! When asked if QB was Y2K + 1 compliant, we were given this statement from Andysoft, "yes." Isn't it obvious though? AndySoft was way to easy with the tongue when he said this, it's obvious that he is a pawn in the conspiracy, or a rook, putting his plastic Milton Bradley robe over the eyes of millions.

Other sources know of the conspiracy that rocks the cradle. The innocent cradle of JUSTICE that is. 5h4d0w states, "what? y2k+1? when that rolls over all the computers are supposed to die, right?" Yes, our sources have even tested this hypothesis, they set the date of the computer to 2001, then waited. The computer was obviously not in sync with understanding the date, so they hit it really hard a few times, and found that the computer broke. We were unaware how QB could possibly break down because of Y2K+1 and not Y2K, and we were given this statement from Josh, "No, cuz it's a bug put there by Microsoft, but not really Microsoft, it was aliens." An obvious statement that could be applauded, hardly tested, but endeared and applauded.

So there you have it, QB is NOT Y2K compliant, and it is because of alien executives