NEW YORK, Aug. 13
Prince "Excited" by Cow Poo *

Prince is back and using cow poo to weigh in on Qbasic industry. The Artis Formerly Known as Prince, who in 1999 had broken free of the tyranny of NeoBASIC by literally painting himself  often appearing in public with the cow poo on his face - has recently posted a document on his web site, in which he calls things like cow poo "exciting" and once again shows his general distaste for waffles.
"There are lots of new developments in the qbasic community," Prince said in the four-sentence paragraph. "it's like.. cow poo is the only way to get to these guys. It's all they talk about. kind of exciting if you think." A few viewers saw the update to his site and proved their loyalty by agreeing with him.
"I don't like waffles." Prince also mentioned.

* note: prince may not have said or done the things in this article