It has been a while since I wrote an article for QBI. Our newest (and some of the best yet) writers, JTM and 5h4d0w, have been doing very very good articles often. I have done this redesign so I can have an excuse to post on all the boards to get some more audience for QBI. Our initial success was great, but there are still alot of people who have not yet heard of us.
The new design is much cleaner and faster (and better looking if I do say so myself), and hopefully people will like it. I put all the old articles (and new) in the archives section, which will retain the old look.

Visit QbasicNews.com for frequent news. Trust me, QQN is far superior to QNN ;)

"We Stole Your Dog", our new motto, represents the point of my life, which happens to be canine theft. I am secretly shifting QBI away from the Qbasic theme and more towards stealing dogs from old people. OK, lets not discriminate, we'll steal dogs from young people too.