In a dark mountainous overlook, in the embodiement of India, in the QB Community, lies a small monastary surrounded by tons of crystaline snow. Within, you can hear the faint sound of preaching, a monotheistic preaching, towards one man and one man only. Inside, we see the monks, not the Monks of Perl, but monks that inhabit the QB Community.

And the thing they stare up at, isn't a cross, nor is it a large statue of the virgin Mary. It is, a large video screen, and on it, a fast paced video game RPGs. Now the sounds grow larger, the halls of the monastary are engrossed with the cheering, and you can finally hear, "DarkDread, DarkDread, DarkDread." Is this just a myth? Is it real? Our investigation team is trying to find this out.

When asked this question, Nekrophidius (the maker of WOS) informed us that, "Gopus: I worship darkdread. he is GOD." It is obvious. This person is either exaggerating, insane, or really praises to the immortal Darkdread when he slumbers for the night. But, we know, yes our sources do tell us, that Nekro loves Darkdread. He is the preacher of the cult. He makes holey water consisting of DD's urination and saliva in a mix!!!!!! IT'S TRUE. WHAT'S IN THE PAPERS MUST BE TRUE! WE'RE TELLING THE TRUTH. ehm...

Eclipzer said, "Uh, if there is such a cult its all newbies. Dread makes decent RPGs, but I woudn't worship them." Our sources have found that Eclipzer is the AntiDread. IT'S TRUE. Eclipzer is the DEVIL. You're going to programming hell boy, YOU'RE GOING TO PROGRAMMING HELL!!!!!! Be careful of Eclipzer. Eclipzer can be seen anywhere. Eclipzer is the devil. Eclipzer wants to have YOUR CHILDREN!!!!

We recieved the following from fiend-, "Let's sacrifise a few chickens." It's obvious. The great Dread must need some type of holey meat and protein to keep him in work. Dread isn't just a regular human. Dread is an immortal being. You may not realize this, but you are ALL part of one big RPG. An RPG that Dread is making. It's true. EVEN YOU Marcade. And Tek. AND President Dwight Eisenhower.

5h4d0w informed us of this, "yes, and I lead three of them." This suggest that there is in actuallity, MORE THAN THREE. There are many cults. You see that library? It's in actuallity, a CULT! You see that STOPLESS strip joint, it's a CULT? You see that bread shop? IT'S ACTUALLY...an illegal casino.

Then, Josh gave us this, "No, not a cult, a horse." We thought about this for a moment, nearly deciding that maybe Josh should be banned from our scripts, and then came to the conclusion that it is the second horse. THE SECOND HORSE OF THE HORSES OF THE APOCALASPE. Darkdread is one of the FOUR HORSEMEN of the apocalaspe. IT'S TRUE.

Stay tuned at QBI, where we will give you updates on this shocking revelation. We will get to the bottom of this. If we have to interview DD to do it. WE WILL. WE MUST. THE PEOPLE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW!