Study Reveals:Programmable Minds
5h4d0w 8/18/2k

NeoBASIC - Regular NeoBASIC message board visitor ShadowMaster has recently reported his endeavours in the field of mind programming: programming the human brain by means of outside electrical signals transmitted directly to the brain. Thus far, he has been able to make a man crave popcorn and has successfully programmed another NeoBASIC regular, tf, with instructions to replace all occurences of the word "ratio" with the word "ration", causing confusion among the stupid. He also introduced an interesting theory which proposes the possibility of programming a person's brain with Qbasic source code. we have no idea of the results of his experiments yet.

However, our own studies conclude the following: it is very possible to program the brain. We've actually been able to do this, in fact. ((test results below)) so far you can write the code only in a language I won't even try to explain here. It is probably too complicated for you anyway, and we'll have all these newbies trying to edit their brain's kernel and screw it up. You'll have to code it in another language. i'm working on a qbasic translator for it. all you'll have to do is connect your floppy drive to your brain with your data controller cable and a power supply and boot yourself up. if you use my translator, your program will automatically be invoked. I'll let you all know when it is finished.

Test results:

((subjects were chosen randomly and forced into a black van, blind-folded, and taken to the QbI hq))

Subject #1: Power supply not connected correctly. Brain can no longer boot up. Subject buried.
Subject #2: Execution successful, brain formatted. Subject also buried.
Subject #3: Programmed to beep every two seconds. Subject released.
Subject #4: Accidental execution of unkown interrupt. deceased. Subject packaged and returned to mother.
Subjects #5 through #100: Programmed to be QbI's elite military fighting force.

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