The Pentagon Hacked
5h4d0w 8/19/2k

Houston, TX - Today a two-year old boy has been accused of breaking into the Pentagon's computer systems and downloading information that he intended to sell to the governments of anti-american countries. Lucas Navo, the child under question, was seized and taken into custody around 8:00 AM this morning. He faces life in prison without parole and possibly the death sentence if he has been convincted of treason.

"We noticed the breach of security yesterday night," says CIA agent William Snyder. "This has got to be one of the dumbest hackers in the world. We were able to track him down quickly before he had the chance to sell these top secret documents."

According to Snyder, at approximately 3:13 AM this morning, the Pentagon's computer security was bypassed. They picked up on this almost right away and tracked Lucas Navo within a matter of minutes. When they arrived at his house, his father answered the door. After being questioned, he pointed at Lucas, who was taking a nap, and then excused himself to the bathroom. He did not emerge until the CIA had turned his couch upside-down and left.

"Lucas has been put under intense interrogation, but he refuses to speak," Snyder tells us. "He just sits there with this blank stare. We're considering resorting to new forms of torture if the supreme court allows it, and I think it will."

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