Coders block: Is there no cure?
This is a very serious problem faced by many programmers. Itís not hamsters that eat your shirts or a gene that makes you smell. No itís much worse. Coders block. You find yourself unable to write code. And if you can do some coding you just feel so depressed you want to just write shell ďdel c:\windowsĒ or maybe something much worse like using the kill command on one of your friends. This condition is incurable and can make you sterile.

In some very advanced cases you can even find yourself unable to eat cheese (at this point you might go insane and bite some gerbils head off). Current tests have shown that this condition does not have anything to do with any genes (but donít worry we are still looking). This means that itís psychological and can be brought on by abuse from chat rooms and forums or the ĎAsk Maryí section in a certain website.

The people effected by this condition are very aggressive and are probably heavily drugged to prevent them from breaking their restraints. This may explain why so many rodents have been found with no heads. The current test for this condition is still in development but for some reason it isnít fatal *sigh*.

But we are confident that in time a fatal test will be approved some time in the near future.

Another issue that will have to be handled is that people who suffer from coders block are usually mentally unstable and usually have multiple personalities. This would explain many things seen in the early days of the qbasic.com forum with many different people sharing the same e-mail address.