Future Software hacked by Vampires
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"Jorden... "
"Skarab of QBI here..."
"One of these so-called "changes" was the passing on of the link review duties to Magus of QQN. QQN happens to be a competitor of Qb Times and myself...Critics have pointed out that QBI has filed a lawsuit against QbTimes over copyright infringement and Future Software is withholding funding for legal fees. What do you say to the accusations against Future Software of turning its back on QbTimes?"
Jorden replied: "LOL!"

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Skarab of QBI here...
The Link Reviews section of QB45.com has been given to you...
I have two questions concerning this:
1) Are you a vampire?
2) Did you bite Jorden?

Magus replied:
"Security Leak!! *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP*"
"How did you find out this information? Who is your source?"

Obviously they are vampires and evidently want to eat us all. It's a grand plot.
However, I quit.

Yes, I quit.